I have been working as a Director of Photography for 23 years.  My work has included TV commercials, music videos, short films, and feature films.  I am now based in New York USA,

My first feature film, Shutter (a supernatural thriller released in 2004),  has been exhibited at numerous film festivals, including New York’s Tribeca Film Festival and Montreal’s Fantasia Film Festival, where it won the Best Asian Film Award.  A Hollywood remake of Shutter starring Joshua Jackson had its theatrical release in 2008.

Other feature films I have shot include Dorm, a suspense drama set in a rural boarding school; Alone, a supernatural thriller involving Siamese twins; and Hormones, a romantic comedy featuring several interlocking subplots. my other films, including Phobia and Phobia 2, have been well received by both audiences and critics.

My most recent feature films are Hello Stranger (2010), Billionaire (2011), Countdown (2012) Freelance (2015).

In New York, I have shot many short films such as Murray Hill for Juhui Kwon, Frankie for Francesco Mezza, Mani-Pedi for Sandra Nixon, which has won numeral awards in the US.  I also shot The Vest for Jiayi Ling and The Perfect Plot for Vorapat Chutrvachirakul.

I have directed short films Conditional Love and Steel in Love.

I have experience with a wide range of 35 mm, 16 mm cameras,

HD Cameras, Arri Alexa, Red Dragon, Digital Bolex,  Sony, and other high end cameras in the film industries.


Won Best Cinematography Award for Don’t Mention It in the short film competition at the Bangkok Film Festival (1998)

Won Best Cinematography Award, Bangkok Art Directors Association, for Cotto TV Commercial (2004)

Won Star Entertainment Award (Thailand) for Best Cinematography in a Feature Film (Shutter, 2004)

Won Bangkok Critics Assembly Award for Best Cinematography in a Feature Film (Dorm, 2003)

Won 2007 Screamfest Award (Los Angeles)  for Best Cinematography in a Feature Film (Alone, 2004)

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